With award-winning designs and over ten years of experience, Silver Scenic Design produces dynamic and engaging environments for television, film, video and corporate events.

We invite you to view our project portfolio below.

A selection of work by Silver Scenic Design
The angled stage glows with color and video imagery. View from the venue floor The set is a flexible canvas, with changing color and video content. The house band performs against a background of LED panels. Large glowing crystals form the backdrop to the illuminated podium. A mirrored deck reflects the crystal set pieces. Plasma monitors are embedded in a faceted wall. Conceptual rendering of the set in the venue. Illustration of the main set Front elevation of the stage Drafted details of the podiums Drafting of the crystal structures

Lia Sophia Conference 2008

Production design for the fashion jewelry company's marquee event. Like the facets of a jewel, glowing frames create a space for company speakers, band performances—even a car give-away.
Curves and rings dominate the look for the show's graphics and set architecture. Drafted details of the podiums Illustration of the set concept Layers of elements create a textured backdrop to the night's celebration.

Food Network Awards

Production design for the Food Network's first award show. Glowing spheres and radiating arches echo the show's graphic package of bursting champagne bubbles. Served up on South Beach, this design was completed on a small budget.
This open, comfortable space is flexible for interviews, panel discussions and musical performances.

Cristina Show

Award-winning set design for Univision's first lady of talk, Cristina Saralegui. This TV environment is styled after the coastal homes of South Beach, with deco architecture, palm trees, and ocean views. Winner of a 2002 BDA bronze award in the Talk Set category.
Two stages and a center area allow ample room for performances and presentations. The centerpiece of the stage, made of color-changing ribs and backed with LED curtains Video content is displayed in the floor, walls and set elements. Glowing cylinders form a canopy over the stage. Plasma monitors flank the glowing ribs. Groundplan Curving elements create a dynamic backdrop. Many looks are created with LED fixtures installed inside the set pieces. Drafting of the center structure Floating frames glow in the center of the stage. Shakira responds to the audience. LED panels and tubes frame the action.

Premio lo Nuestro XVIII

Production design for Univision's annual music award show. Color-changing ribs form the main background for award presentations and musical performances. LED panels and plasma TVs are set into walls and the stage floor as glowing ceiling pieces float above.
Glowing curves are held up by video screens. At the stage's heart are overlapping panels of textured plastic. A dance number set against the stage's centerpiece

Premio lo Nuestro XVII

Production design for Univision's annual music award show. Curved lightboxes explode from a large show logo at center stage. LED screens light up all three of the performance areas.

The set is defined by glowing curves and spikes. A platform thrusts out from the main stage. Textured panels create a rich backdrop to the award presentations. Large musical performances fill the center stage. Illustration of the set concept

Premio lo Nuestro XVI

Production design for Univision's annual music award show. Glowing curved spikes shoot out of the stage floor and frame a backdrop of projection screens and towers of plasma TVs. Viewers were treated to performances by Ricky Martin and Thalia.
Illuminated curves of plastic rise over the stage. The podium is framed by vertical plasma monitors.

Premio lo Nuestro XV

Production design for Univision's annual music award show. Curved arcs of translucent plastic rise like a wave over a stage with sunken pits of young fans. Marc Anthony was among the artists who took to this stage.
Two dynamic structures comprise the stage design. Runways allow performers to move out into the action. Curving truss and projection screens form the Stage Left performance area. Illustration of the "Wave" concept Drafting of the "Wave" elements

Premios Juventud II

Production design for Univision's annual youth awards. A curving wall of truss, RP screens and graphics form the stage left performance area. A two-tiered second stage brings artists and fans especially close.
Two stages, a VIP lounge and a floor packed with young fans Large pipes make up the industrial-looking backdrop of the VIP lounge. Layers of acrylic create the DJ area.

Premios Juventud I

Production design for Univision's first youth awards. Modeled after an industrial dance club, huge pipes support a glowing angled roof. Artists and celebrities hang out on the club-like stage, while young fans pack the dance floor below.